The ISPO Digitize Summit is a conference on all aspects of sports business and offers the opportunity to listen to lectures, exchange ideas with experts from the sports industry and other industries and evaluate digital solutions. The SINN-i could position itself at the forefront of international research and business in the area of digitalization in sports at this Summit. We could invite other institutions to collaborate, integrate our efforts into the state of the arts in research and development, and get ideas about which directions to take. Of course, a joint presentation on stage also brought the attending project partners even closer together.

In his introductory statement, Prof. Dr. Eckehard Fozzy Moritz connected to a presentation he gave at the Volvo Sports Design Forum 16 years ago. In 2003, the proposed solutions like computer supported cooperative sports and animated fitness equipment as well as “physical” computer games were hardly conceivable. Today, digital transformation is the biggest growth driver of the future and is fundamentally changing the sports industry. The vision of the Go,WannaGo! subproject of the SINN-i (international Sports Innovation Network) is to bring more joy and health to the world through the joy of movement. To fulfil this vision, this project uses the motivators Gamification, Joyification, Music, Communication, state-of-the-art technology the various expertise of the individual partners.

On the Digitize stage on July 3 2019 were, under the podium leadership of Fozzy (CEO Innovationsmanufaktur

The topic of the discussion was “Innovative Music and Exercise-Based Technologies to Improve Global Activity and Gamification and Serious Games to Create a Positve Impact on Physical and Mental Well-Being

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