On 3rd – 4th June we met in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for our kick-off meeting after the official start of the three year “SINN-i: Active City Innovation” project on 1st June. 

We spend two inspiring days at the TAFISA headquarter with the aims to  

  1. get to know each other, 
  2. develop a common perspective for the following three years, 
  3. and work together on important next steps in the upcoming work packages 

Involved SINN-i Active City Innovation partners: Eckehard Fozzy Moritz, Franziska Krüger, Ingo Valtingoier (Innovationsmanufaktur), Wolfgang Baumann, Keri McDonald, Jean- Francois Laurent (TAFISA), Karl Wetekam, Eike Wedell (Wetekam), Ralf-Urs Giesen (Uni Kassel), David Struzek (Uni Siegen), Martin Soutscheck (outdooractive), Jotto von Gierke (Lappset), Christoph Becker (TUM), Erich Kerkhoff, Alois Michalek (ALTERAktiv e.V.)