Active City Innovation

“How to turn cities into active cities?” – We aim to provide answers to this important global question!

A continuing urbanisation, a decrease of urban green spaces and an increase of sedentary behaviour can be observed worldwide. These are current developments within our societies that will prospectively challenge our population’s health and well-being.

In the project “Active City Innovation”, we will investigate how cities can become places of health and well-being by…
  • Summarising and appraising scientific knowledge of
    • Good practice examples in urban areas
    • Motivations and barriers regarding physical activity and joy of movement
  • Defining the most resource-efficient approaches
  • Developing a culture-sensitive embedded methodology
  • Developing, setting up and evaluating 12 experimentation scenarios in Germany, Great Britain, Japan, South Africa and Spain
  • Enabling the transfer of knowledge to replicate and implement successful experimentation scenarios in various municipalities in all partner countries

As a final result, we will publish a guideline compendium on “How to turn cities into active cities”!

Are you interested in the project? Do you need further information about the status of Active City Innovation?

Please contact Christoph Mall from the Technical University of Munich, Department of Sport and Health Sciences.

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Experimentation Scenarios
Active City Innovation - Partners
Active City Innovation - Blogposts
Project Cycling for Sustainability

Cyling is the best! You can learn physics with it (see our project “STEM on the move”), you can stay fit and active, and not least: It has enormous potential to shape a transformation towards socio-ecological sustainability. Chosing bike over car can bring enormous relief for the environment. The bicycle …

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Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-30 um 16.44.10
The Outdoor City Sheffield

Make Yourself at Home The Outdoor City Sheffield have created a new initiative called “Make Yourself At home”. This initiative supports Sheffield’s local businesses and communities in recovering from the obstacles and economic setbacks resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and remembers its residents of the beauty and opportunities of their …

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Update on the Inanda Wilderness Park during Covid-19 times

The Inanda Wilderness Park in Durban, South Africa, initiative of Green Corridors is an inclusive public safe space that offers urban dwellers activities and educational programmes to entice people to venture outside and enjoy being in nature. Several programmes of the Inanda Wilderness Park such as the active aging group …

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Update: TAFISA World Walking Day

On Sunday, October 4th, people from all over the world joined the TAFISA World Walking Day – 24 Hours Around the Globe. Participants took a stand to show transnational solidarity against the COVID-19 pandemic by passing the baton across time-zones from east to west on a planet-wide relay. Dozens of thousands …

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