Activity promoting green spaces
Green Corridors Inanda Wilderness Park
Core Objectives
  1. To promote developmental and lifespan needs for rural townships through occupation-based wilderness programmes  
  2. To encourage and promote environmental education within the township to reconnect individuals back to nature and to promote sustainable solutions 
  3. To encourage long lasting social cohesion and economic transformation, aligned with eThekwini’s aim to be most liveable city in Africa by 2030, through encouraging early childhood development
Measures, Methods & Approaches
  1. Ensuring proper record keeping through attendance registers and session evaluations to critically reflect effectiveness of programmes and adaptations if necessary. This ensures that we meet developmental needs of the community 
  2. Monthly student hand overs and critical reflections regarding different programmes and projects implemented at the Inanda Wilderness Park
  3. Continuous meetings with the university partners (UKZN) to ensure current programme and project planning based on needs of park and clients
Opportunities & Challenges
  1. Opportunities to promote health and wellness in open spaces. This assists with effective carry over of activities in home environment.
  2. Working in a disadvantaged community where population has low income, cant access health services or attend appointments
  3. Opportunities of working in low cost township has encouraged us to problem solve and creatively think of low cost sustainable solutions to combat intergenerational baggage of apartheid.
  4. Budget constraints – limited funding to implement broader vision of wilderness parks
    Lessons learnt
    1. Capacity building is so important in community settings to ensure effective carry over, for example in school settings
    2. Community engagement is crucial in community projects, especially in township settings. All stakeholders need to be involved to ensure project success
    Recommendations to the world
    1. Holistic interventions are key – always consider both physical, cognitive, emotional and social functions of an individual when implementing programmes.
    2. Always consider how to adapt each activity for people with disabilities to encourage universal access. 
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