Physical E-Sports Makeathon

Our five-day global endeavor, our Makeathon, came to a close on Tuesday, 5th February. We wanted to create the future of sports, health, and happiness – and now we can proudly tell you how it went!

Seven different, truly international teams met online to discuss various topics, helped by our panel of experts.

#joyofmovement challenge

Many of you have already found ways to stay active in times of COVID-19.   The international Sports-Innovation-Network (SINN-i) calls you now to the #joyofmovement challenge:   Show us your innovative ideas how to stay active and healthy and take part in our weekly challenges.   Post your short videos (please don’t use music Read more…

“Highway to Health”

Within SINN-i, we love innovation, movement, health & happiness and live it in our work. In line with this, Fozzy created a new songtext on the basis of “Highway to Hell” (AC/DC) called “Highway to Health”.  So, take a look for yourself and sing… 😉