Introducing: Claudia Müller

Claudia Müller (University of Siegen)
  • Who are you and what do you do?

    I am professor at Uni Siegen and leading the work group “IT for the ageing society”. I also have a position at Careum Health Research, Zurich. My passion is to contribute to a shift in how we think about and conduct technology development to support a human friendly digitization of our society. And to use digitization for a more human world. To be (blessed as) a researcher with the power and infrastructures we have, I feel a strong need to set a special focus on those groups of people whose voices remain unheard and to think about technology as a means for empowerment and social participation.

  • What is your favorite story about joy of movement?

    I love to dance. In the club, techno, house, rock, but also tango and Karneval . Music and dancing can set you free. Everything what connects us to our body and mind seems to me to be needed the more “digital” we get. Music and dance is a simple but powerful tool.

  • What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

    Maybe starting an academic career in the tech field as a woman and mother?

  • What would you tell your younger self?

    Listen more to your intuition.

  • How can we use joy of movement to change the world?

    Joy of movement entails a lot of ways to think about. I like the aspect of body awareness. When we can foster the idea that being good to your body is an essential part to influence one’s own state of happiness – also in relation to the people around us … that would be a gain.

  • If SINN-i could do one thing, what would it be?

    Help people to put themselves and their body and mind in the center of their lives to calm down, slow down…