cosinuss° developed an in-ear sensor specifically for swimming purposes, which is able to record vital parameters and also withstands the challenges of being used in water. cosinuss° was eager to test and demonstrate the technology in school events and also via workshops with amazing athletes.

cosinuss° in Munich: “Schwimm dich schlau“ – Swimming day in Olympia swimming pool

On the 28th of April, cosinuss° followed the invitation by the Innovationsmanufaktur to participate in a swimming day in the Olympia swimming pool in Munich (Germany). During this day, students from different schools were able to experience science while also doing various activities in the water. At the cosinuss° station, swimmers wore the sensor during various activities of different intensity. Their vital parameters were visualized in real-time in the LabApp, showing changes in their heart rate after exhausting speed intervals, for example.

However, the focus was not only on interpreting the vital signs but also teaching them swimming skills and spark their joy for this kind of sport. Reflecting on the event, cosinuss° is happy to have received very enthusiastic and positive feedback from the students!

cosinuss° goes professional – Workshop with pro triathlete Dominik Sowieja

Professional athletes are not only idols for young and old but also inspire to challenge themselves in all kinds of sports to push their personal boundaries to new levels. cosinuss° had the pleasure to meet the triathlete Dominik Sowieja for one day in the Olympia swimming pool in Munich. Dominik is not only one of the top triathletes in the Ironman distance but also an inspiring young man who works as an engineer at Festo Didactic in Stuttgart. Combining his passion for sports and his curiosity about how to improve constantly, he uses technology to track and understand his physical performance. cosinuss° organized this day consisting of an interview, lots of swimming activities with the cosinuss° sensor as well as a Q&A session, where Dominik answered questions directly from students.

Further information about Dominik can be found on his website: as well as his Instagram profile: @dominiksowieja

cosinuss° goes professional 2.0 – Workshop with former pro cyclist Gerrit Glomser

It really has been an honor that former pro cyclist and today owner of the company “GAIRRIT” Gerrit Glomser made an effort to travel from Austria to the cosinuss° facilities in order to participate in the STEM on the move workshop. He is an expert when it comes to high altitude training, with an amazing knowledge about human physiology and the impact of training on one’s individual performance. By understanding his own body and his individual performance through technological devices, Gerrit has used his knowledge about science and sports to become a successful owner of a company. He used the cosinuss° in-ear sensor during cycling activities, showing great interest in the change of vital signs during different levels of intensity. Moreover, he was happy to answer lots of questions not only from the cosinuss° team but also from students, about his life, his career and his opinion of the importance of sports and STEM subjects in school. cosinuss° is happy to share a video of this inspirational workshop on the STEM platform very soon.

Further information about Gerrit and his enterprise “GAIRRIT” can be found on his website:  as well as his Instagram profile: @gairrit.hoehentraining