Introducing: David Struzek

David Struzek (University of Siegen)
  • Who are you and what do you do?

    I am David, a research associate and PhD student, exploring how creative and innovative technologies support and bring people together in rural and urban areas.

  • What is your favorite story about joy of movement?

    People who have lost movement due to strokes of fate and fight daily to regain only a fraction of their old movement.

  • What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

    One of the most dangerous hiking trails in Dubrovnik (Croatia) up the mountain, on one of the hottest summer days, the feeling of simply arriving at the top and having made it. Without drinking and in the heat, but it motivated me a lot.

  • What would you tell your younger self?

    Being more relaxed and seeing failure as part of the learning process.

  • How can we use joy of movement to change the world?

    We could use the energy to generate electricity anywhere else in the world and use technology to show people that every movement can have a positive effect. We could show people that they don't feel alone, that there is always someone who moves.

  • If SINN-i could do one thing, what would it be?

    To represent the movement of all people in the country through changing art.