As part of the Go, WannaGo! project of we are proud to have developed a system that provides for new multimodal scenarios in collaborative and competitive social outdoor interactions. As an example, you will be able to rediscover your jogging trail as a trim trail, by being offered fun or fitness exercises on your augmented reality goggles mapped onto the real-world environment. Communication, cooperation, and surveillance of vital parameters are very useful add-ons. The system has been developed in close interaction with sports communities in Germany. Now we would like to know how it may be applied in other national and cultural contexts, which feedback we get, and which new needs and opportunities we will discover.

We are looking for partners to test and evaluate our system. That means precisely: You’ll receive the AR glasses and other required hardware and software for a period of a few weeks. In return, we expect you to give us feedback on usability, functionality, design, and any further ideas that might come up. We are looking forward to your input and building new partnerships!

Shape the further development of this system. Be one of the first to offer the technology to sports enthusiasts. Learn about new offers in cooperative and competitive sports and the joy of movement. Join our network with partners in Japan, Spain, Germany, the UK, and South Africa to acquire international competencies. If you like the system, we will endeavor to make it accessible to you in the long run with special conditions.

Let’s do Future!

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