In Stellenbosch we were extremely happy to be able to develop an experimentation scenario that combines “Active City Innovation” perfectly with local social and economic needs and cultural and geographic environment.

The Core Idea

The core idea is to develop a complete system solution of E-Cargo-Cycling in Stellenbosch aiming at the regionalization of logistics and vehicle production. This starts by the vehicle design itself and the small batch production, over to infrastructure development and integration, and the adaptation of tourist offers and logistics chains up to the creation of jobs, also in vehicle ownership, maintenance and repair, and especially driving and delivery.

Why is This New, Why is This Cool?

The catch of this initiative is that we managed to combine a large range of important objectives of local South African development support with the core idea of the to bring more movement into the world in a convincing way:

  • To serve the interests and needs of the local population with local solutions
  • To offer the potential for local micro-business and job creation
  • To increase independence in products, infrastructure and logistics
  • To combine offers for tourists with opportunities for the local population
  • To improve on distance, efficiency, and quality of close range logistics
  • Encouraging everyday exercise while overcoming existing barriers

And, best of all, we do not only have the ideas, but also all competencies and partners on board that we may need.

E-Cargo-Cycling furthermore could become one great example of leapfrog development: Right now German cities are in the struggle to set-up cargo-bicycle based logistics systems: Stellenbosch could pass a few earlier local logistics steps and overtake German cities on the fast lane… possibly becoming a Lead model for German cities again.

If you are interested in the topic, you can contact Christoph Mall for more information!