Olympic Park Berlin, April 26th

STEM education and movement? How does this fit together?
At our first event concerning STEM on the Move about 100 girls participated and experienced physical phenomena, computer programming principles, mathematical calculations etc. at various movement based stations (e.g. Magnus Effect or Banana Cross Curl by throwing balls; feeling the center of gravity by doing acrobatics and much more). The feedback of the girls: AWESOME!
But not only the girls were impressed:
We were very honored by the visit of Dr. Michael Meister, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Education and Research. He could not help trying some of the stations by himself. In his speech he emphasized the importance of new approaches to STEM education and his happiness about the numerous interested girls having attended the event.
So, the answer to the question: Yes, STEM education and movement perfectly fit together and we definitely want to continue working on this topic with you, your experiences, and ideas!

South Africa, April 2018

Thanks to Marguerite from Goedgedacht Trust, a first international interaction with South African partners took place. The pupils from Goedgedacht Trust also experienced STEM by throwing parabolas.
The Trusts aim is to help children to get out of the cycle of poverty and therefore, to offer a creative, effective, sustainable and replicable model for community development in rural areas, which offers children and youth safe spaces and opportunities to break out of the cycle of poverty that have trapped their families for generations.

to all the institutions and especially to all the wonderful people having been involved, who volunteered and supported to make this event possible!

Here you can find some impressions of the day.