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Whereas opportunities for sports and movement exist plentiful, the current offers are not attractive to all the people.​

“WannaGos” are those people, who would like to be physically active, but who do not find suitable offers: They are not much fun, or they are not readily available in the physical, social and emotional context where people are (e.g. work or on the way to). A result is the increased incidence of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity or heart failure due to insufficient physical activity.

Therefore, in this project we want to investigate motivations and lifestyle parameters of “WannaGos” concerning physical activity.​

 Furthermore, we want to develop suitable possibilities how to integrate movement offers into the people’s environments. Thus, we want to bring more joy of movement to people.

Accordingly, we will…

  • develop an in-depth understanding of motivations of “WannaGos” and of the reasons for lifestyle diseases,
  • investigate opportunities for integrating more movement into lifestyles and creating an increased motivation for physical activity,
  • explore social and financial benefits of movement towards health and wellbeing,
  • look into novel enablers for movement like gamification, movement-induced music generation, social software and others as well as
  • realize innovative movement opportunities.
Go, WannaGo! - Cases

The concept of the Company Case is intended to make it possible to use the system in a wide variety of corporate environments. In this case, sensor mats are made usable for a maximum of four players simultaneously, who can get moving with each other in cooperative and competitive game modes. Each sensor mat is divided into four fields, which can be programmed with different functions. The focus is on cooperative game and movement modes, taking into account the intensity of movement and training levels. The installation location and the way the system is integrated can vary depending on the work situation and corporate culture and thus can be adapted to the needs of each company.

In the Outdoor Case we present a project aiming to use physical-sport activities, such as trim-trails or marathons, and combine them with mixed-reality approaches and multi-user applications to create new multimodal scenarios in collaborative & competitive social outdoor interactions. For this purpose, applications are developed and evaluated in a participatory manner, enriching geo-zones (such as LoRaWAN2, Bluetooth beacons) and real-world areas (urban settings and near-urban natural spaces) with virtual tasks (physical, cognitive, social-cooperative). The technical infrastructure consists of an AR glasses, a smartwatch and a smartphone allowing multimodal input and output options (gesture and voice control).

PowerPlay is our code name to afford strength training motivated by fun and experimentation. In combination with gamification concepts we will be expanding on existing approaches like Wii and X-Box by developing physically demanding virtual games with great attractiveness and immediate force feedback feeling. By making sport more playful and gaming more physically challenging this line of demonstrators will point towards a completely new approach to training, physical activity, and joy of movement.

Go, WannaGo! - Insights

Health and Happiness through Playful Training with Everyday Objects: A Living Database!

Working from home and having no access to gyms and sports clubs seems to decrease our possibilities to be active and have some fun at the same time.

Trying to challenge that, we found a huge amount of everyday household objects to use for creative and fun exercises. Varying between a cooking pan, water bottles or toilet paper, you won’t get disappointed!

Here you can find various options to train different parts of your body, with objects that you definitely already have at home. In the video databases we are creating you can see different playlists with sorting logics:

On the one hand, you will find suggestions what kind of playful training may be suitable for specific needs or objectives, like coordination exercises upper body mobility. On the other hand, you will find inspirations what kind of exercises you could do with selected everyday objects like a vacuum cleaner or a water bottle. Enjoy!

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