Insightful discussions, concrete digital and music-based approaches

The second GoWannaGo! project meeting, hosted by the Innovationsmanufaktur and MusicJustMusic in Munich– together with the official project host – proved to be a continuing success. The meeting focused on the motivation for movement by combining elements from the areas of gamification, music, and cooperation and leading in the Joyification concept.

Furthermore, potential users* and stakeholders* will be involved and relevant ecological, cultural, institutional, and individual contexts of everyday physical activity will be understood as permanent co-developers. Initially, in a more theoretical approach, lifestyles, existing practices, organizational and social perspectives as well as individual and social needs, cultural challenges, and especially the resulting interrelation with predefined motivators at the international level were presented.

In addition to contextualizing, the target group is done by the Technical University Munich– i.e. determining lifestyle parameters, motives and barriers with regard to the everyday movement for the WannaGos – the current state of the art of movement research was presented to develop the technical requirements and the demands on the game design, thus reaching the first milestone of the project.

On a technical level, the development of the special sensor mats was demonstrated, which will later be the central control elements of the system.

Three use cases for the contexts in which the system will be used were defined. With the development of the Joyification concept for the use of playful, cooperative and visual or auditory elements as a motive for more movement, the theoretical framework was formed with the help of current literature from the areas of motivation and (game) flow, fun and user types, and music interaction. Based on this, ideas for usable games were collected and first experimental programs were developed for musical support by Jymmin.

Throughout the two days of the consortia meeting, the remaining project has been framed, including a detailed discussion on different possible dissemination plans and procedures to reach a broader international audience. Sessions with other international partners proved very fruitful regarding the possibilities of international collaboration. The meeting was completed by a concert initiated and performed by MusicJustMusic and its Founder and CEO Cornelius Kreusch.