Concerning the current situation, Ando Ryoichi from the Super Human Sports Society developed the idea for a digital movement game whose goal is to jointly stop the Covid19 virus.

The game called ‘Kill Corona’ is based on the traditional Japanese game Daruma-san gaKoronda (the Daruma doll fell down), which is similarly played under other names in many different countries around the world and is known in the other participating countries as Ochs am Berg, Grandmother’s Footsteps or Esconditeinglés. The setting in which the original Japanese game takes place is a school class in which all possible exits are blocked. The Daruma, i.e. the common opponent of all the pupils in the classroom, rises metaphorically from the teacher’s head, causing him to explode.

You can test an early version of the game here:

The Daruma slowly turns to the players and shouts “Daruma-san has come”. At the end of the phrase, when it is turned towards all the players, each participant in the game must ‘freeze’ – any movement apart from speaking and eye movements will be punished. While the opponent is counting, he cannot see and the players can therefore move until he has stopped counting. The object of the game is to touch the opponent to defeat him.

In the game ‘Kill Corona’, which is currently being developed by our Partner Ando from Japan, players can move as long as the opponent mumbles ten words – but at best no longer because if the movement is detected, players have to move back a large distance. However, if you manage to get much closer to your opponent without being detected, you can spray anti-virus liquid to contain the coronavirus.

Not only does Daruma-san gaKoronda provide a good game template that can be used in the Go, WannaGo! system, but the Daruma doll is also considered a lucky talisman in Japan and is therefore often used as an encouragement gift. We hope that the Daruma will bring good luck to us all and defeat Corona. The SINN-I Network will continue to work and develop further ideas based on an initiative from Ando.