SINN.International x ISPO Makeathon

So comrades come rally… no, not to face the last fight, but to create the future of sports, health, and happiness. Become part of a five-day global endeavour in which we will be exploring how to make sports more playful and gaming more sportive.

Join innovators from around the world to create new solutions that bridge between intense physical activity, attractive motivators like gaming, music, cooperation and discovery, and interaction via technological tools and gadgets. Help build the prototypes that will show the world what the future could look like.

How can we make strength training fun? How can we use AR to make our cities playgrounds or gyms? How can gaming be instrumental to more physical fitness?

Let’s find out together – join the makeathon!

You can …

… be a participant! You get to choose a team of your liking and connect with likeminded people

… be a team leader! You can define your project/topic and assemble the people best suited to your specifications

… be an expert! You will be available for individual consultations in your special field.

  • Become part of a visionary team and action 
  • Expand your innovation network and go international 
  • Present your ideas to an expert audience 
  • Receive indispensible expert support while working on your idea

A lack of physical activity is a huge world-wide challenge, resulting in massive problems of physical, social, and emotional health. What is deemed to be part of the problem, too much of computerized gaming, can and should be turned into part of the solution: Attractive virtual environments that are combined with, motivate and inspire real physical exertion. This will not only help everyday people move more, it can and will also change the nature of sports.

This makeathon will produce benefits for all stakeholders: Participants will be part of a frontrunning exciting innovation experience with like-minded enthusiasts from around the world. Supporters and organizers will fill the vision of the future of sports with specific solutions and embark on new partnerships on a level of global excellence!

What we expect

  • From participants: Participate in the team/topic talks and activities; otherwise work in your own pace with the resources you can amount
  • From team leaders: Make sure that the topics are brought forward, motivate your team, and work towards delivering an interesting result at Tuesday´s presentation
  • From experts: Define some time slots and communication channels when and how you can be reached for advice and support

What we will have at the end

  • New, exciting concepts with as much demonstrator character as at all possible
  • New perspectives, new partnerships, and new passion
  • New publicity for all who are taking part and their ideas
  • A new insight into how the future of sports will look like

Step 1: Participants will apply and fill in a brief questionnaire for self-categorization.
Step 2: Participation will be confirmed/rejected, groups will be assembled, roles assigned
Step 3: All participants will gather virtually at the opening session on Friday, January 29.
Step 4: Participants will work in their own pace the presentation deadline. Experts will be present to support them at fixed hours during the makeathon. Socializing hours will be offered.
Step 5: Results will be presented in a B2B context on Tuesday, February 2, as part of the ISPO online conference.
Step 6: Selected partners will again present on the closing day of ISPO online on Friday, February 5.

Download: Flyer​

To give some structure to the wider field of this Makeathon, we have gathered together our themes from the Go,WannaGo project. Teams will be formed around these cases and you are cordially invited to join them. (*) The Company Case and the Outdoor Case are ideas which you can check out to get an idea how a case could look like!

The concept of the Company Case* is intended to make it possible to use the system in a wide variety of corporate environments. In this case, sensor mats are made usable for a maximum of four players simultaneously, who can get moving with each other in cooperative and competitive game modes. Each sensor mat is divided into four fields, which can be programmed with different functions. The focus is on cooperative game and movement modes, taking into account the intensity of movement and training levels. The installation location and the way the system is integrated can vary depending on the work situation and corporate culture and thus can be adapted to the needs of each company.

In the Outdoor Case* we present a project aiming to use physical-sport activities, such as fitness trails or marathons, and combine them with mixed-reality approaches and multi-user applications to create new multimodal scenarios in collaborative & competitive social outdoor interactions. The technical infrastructure consists of an AR glasses, a smartwatch and a smartphone allowing multimodal input and output options (gesture and voice control).

PowerPlay is our code name for strength training motivated by fun and experimentation. In combination with gamification concepts we will be expanding on existing approaches like Wii and X-Box by developing physically demanding virtual games with great attractiveness and immediate force feedback feeling. By making sport more playful and gaming more physically challenging this line of demonstrators will point towards a completely new approach to training, physical activity, and joy of movement.

You are also welcome to bring in your own cases that we can present here.

Teams and Themes

The first teams are being formed, see below the tentative descriptions!

Feel free to join or create your own team on a topic of your choice. Use the registration form or write to Franzi at

Panel of Experts

Here you will find our experts who will be available to you during the Makeathon on a wide range of topics.

MUSIC CREATION STUDIO: We create music albums, film soundtracks, audio logos, audio signals, brand compilations, sound designs, as well as entire musical architectural landscapes & sonic building environments.

MUSIC TECHNOLOGY COSMOS: Managed by our proprietary information technology, we handle the entire supply chain for recorded & published music & associated media & meta data, from 1. aggregation, distribution, ingestion & encoding; to 2. ticensing, publishing, sync & copyright clearing; as well as 3. asset management, royalty accounting & royalty distribution, currently covering more than a hundred countries worldwide.

LEADERSHIP THINK TANK: We consult companies, brands & top management individuals on how to create leverage with music & sound, whether in regards to 1. marketing & communication efforts, 2. corporate & brand identity, or 3. their leadership, innovation, change or team excellence & performance aspirations.

MUSICJUSTMUSIC® was founded in 2004 by award winning pianist, composer, producer & entrepreneur Cornelius Claudio Kreusch. His credo is: Music = Sound = Potential = Life.

Why am I taking part?
Music moves the people!

In which fields can I contribute?
MUSIC: Contact Point for all matters music, sound & audio for the project, from content creation fitting the purpose within the project, legal questions regarding licensing, technical & meta data integration.

TEAM: Contact Point for one of the teams or for the communication between the teams.

When and where available:
29.01. – 02.02.2021

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CET) each day, Reachable via Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype

Christoph is a sports scientist particularly interested how interventions taking place in open community spaces promote children’s and adolescents’ physical as well as psychological well-being. He is the project leader of Active City Innovation within the international Sports-Innovation-Network (SINN-i). He is the founding member of the Play, Learn and Teach Outdoors Network (PLaTO-Net).

See Christophs’ Twitter, Researchgate and ORCID profiles.

Why am I taking part?
Because I am curious to discuss innovative ideas for future sport, health and wellbeing.

In which fields can I contribute?
Health and wellbeing; physical activity; health benefits of nature; motivational aspects.

When and where available:
29.01. – 02.02.2021 (tbd)

Martin Strehler is a sports scientist and one of the co-founders of Innovationsmanufaktur. He is head of the research team and continuously part of innovative projects of all sorts. He managed trend and innovation projects for various partners as well as for global players as BMW, Infineon and Intel.  As a reviewer for the European Commission he helps to evaluate research proposals.

Why am I taking part?
Sports, innovation and gaming are my passions!

In which fields can I contribute?

  • Structuring and managing innovation projects
  • Gamification and motivational aspects
  • KnowHow of the existing exergaming landscape and contacts
  • Humour and Support

When and where available:
29.01. – 02.02.2021 (tbd)

If you would like to be an expert yourself, please contact Franzi at

Social Events

To move together, test the technique, listen to music and experience joy together, we invite you to participate in the following social events:

The core idea is exploring the keys of emotions of social on-line exercising as drivers of people motivation to be active. Participants will create their own funny and engaging exercises. They will share them with other participants that will repeat the exercise and will report their perceptions and feelings.

❯  Why and how will this topic become part of the future of sports?
Motivating people through emotions will be (and is) a must for an active society. For on-line exercising this is a big challenge. Thus, understanding how it works in a social network context will help in developing more engaging exercise programs.

❯  How will you go realize your idea during the makeathon?
People taking part will have 2 different roles:

A “fun-creator”

Imagine your own motivating and funny exercise, of up to 5 seconds duration. Make it and record it. Upload the video to the platform.

You can upload as many exercises as you like from the presentation of the activity Friday 29th till Saturday 30th at midnight. Only the first 50 will be accepted!

A rater

You will receive an email including links for downloading videos of exercises and another to survey-monkey for, after doing an exercise, rating it.

The questionnaire will include 5 scales for your perception of the exercise in terms of how much do you agree with the statement:

“The exercise is:

  • Funny
  • Difficult
  • Challenging
  • Strenuous
  • Motivational/ engaging

Also whether you like it or not.
Rating will take place during Sunday and Monday 1st of February.
After that, experts in the team will analyze the questionnaires and will establish a ranking for the 5 top exercises in total and in each category.

❯  Who is in your team already?
Quique Alcántara, Team Leader
Javier Gámez, sports scientist.
Chikara Miyaji. Technical part

❯  Which expertise may be needed most to help?
What we need is people creating, sharing and rating exercises

❯  What can you possibly present at the end of the makeathon?
We would like to invite all participants to repeat the winning exercise in a live on-line session (2/2) but adding a bit of more fun to it and record the session.

❯  When and where will the event take place?
On 1 February at 8pm (CET) live, online via Zoom

❯  What can I expect at the event and why is that cool?
Live impromptu concert & listening session conducted by MJM Founder & CEO Cornelius Claudio Kreusch of excerpts from the Music Productions geared towards setting the foundations for “A Music Library for Sports Gaming Purposes”. The MUSICJUSTMUSIC® production team members for this SINN-i project will be streaming from Munich, Paris, Valencia, Stuttgart & other places.