Meet & Greet the Partners

Melanie Baldinger


I am a sports engineer at cosinuss° working on research projects and clinical and inhouse studies.

Eric Busch

Jymmin, MPI Leipzig

I am a software developer, a composer and a music teacher. I write audio software for Jymmin, compose contemporary music and help students to write expressive software in creative contexts.

Steve Cousins

Let's Circus

Entertainer, Circus Proprietor, Event Manager, Science Communicator, Geologist (B.Sc)

Armin Falkenhein

ADFC Bayern e.V.

I am honorary chairman of the Bavarian Section of the German Bicycle Club (ADFC) since 2018, I was chairman for 19 years and see myself as a bicycle lobbyist, I do this as a volunteer. My main job is to manage the department “schools, sports and culture” in the Augsburg District Office. I graduated with a degree in administration (Dipl. Verwaltungswirt (FH)).

Steve Haake

Sheffield Hallam University

I am a sports engineer working on active travel, analytics and parkrun.

Francisco Ibañez

Brainstorm Multimedia S.L

PhD Doctorate in Industrial Engineering from Polytechnics University of Valencia. I have more than 20 year experience in R&D Project management, having worked for over 10 years at the Toy Research Institute (Alicante, Spain)

Cornelius Claudio Kreusch


Pianist/Composer/Producer & CEO, MUSICJUSTMUSIC® GmbH. Music Production, Music Publishing, Music Licensing, Music Events, Music IT.

Johannes Kreuzer


I’m Johannes, founder and CEO of cosinuss°. I’m an engineer and have to develop new things.

Henning Lange

TU Braunschweig

I am working at the TU-BS in the STEM-project to help innovating school life - after all I got to see how many teachers gave up under the high pressure and long work days that plague the institution.

Jean-Francois Laurent


My name is Jean-Francois. Originally from Lorraine I crossed the Franco-German border 7 years ago to work for TAFISA and now act as TAFISA’s Junior Director.

Danielle Le Brasse

Durban Green Corridors

My name is Danielle Le Brasse, I am an Occupational Therapist and site manager for the Inanda Children’s Wilderness Park.

Christoph Mall

Technical University of Munich

I am a sports scientist interested in benefits of physical activity in nature on human health and wellbeing.

Keri McDonald


I am the Business Development and Fundraising Manager which means my job is to create a sustainable business environment for the organisation.

Fozzy Moritz


I am a sports engineer at cosinuss° working on research projects and clinical and inhouse studies.

Claudia Müller

University of Siegen

I am professor at Uni Siegen and leading the work group “IT for the ageing society”. I also have a position at Careum Health Research, Zurich.

Martin Soutschek

Outdooractive GmbH

I am Martin, director for Research & Development at Outdooractive. Every day, I try to dig out new reasons and talk with lots of people to better understand, why a world without our platform would be less worth living in and how we can collaborate to drive innovation for digital outdoor tourism.

Martin Strehler


I am a sport scientist and I have dedicated my live to innovations especially in the field of sports. I have to test all new sports gadgets I can lay my hands on...

David Struzek

University of Siegen

I am David, a research associate and PhD student, exploring how creative and innovative technologies support and bring people together in rural and urban areas.

Rainer Wieching

University of Siegen

I am an exercise physiologist and research project manager for technology innovations in healthcare and prevention.

Jürgen Blum

TU Braunschweig

I am an astrophysicist and do this (research) for fun (and for a living).