Meet & Greet the Partners

Steve Cousins

Let's Circus

Entertainer, Circus Proprietor, Event Manager, Science Communicator, Geologist (B.Sc)

Steve Haake

Sheffield Hallam University

I am a sports engineer working on active travel, analytics and parkrun.

Franziska Krüger


I am Franzi, project manager in the Innovationsmanufaktur and passionate traveller.

Christoph Mall

Technical University of Munich

I am a sports scientist interested in benefits of physical activity in nature on human health and wellbeing.

Fozzy Moritz


I am Fozzy, director of the German Innovationsmanufaktur. I am thinking ahead new developments and make others realize them.

Claudia Müller

University of Siegen

I am professor at Uni Siegen and leading the work group “IT for the ageing society”. I also have a position at Careum Health Research, Zurich.

Martin Strehler


I am a sport scientist and I have dedicated my live to innovations especially in the field of sports. I have to test all new sports gadgets I can lay my hands on...

David Struzek

University of Siegen

I am David, a research associate and PhD student, exploring how creative and innovative technologies support and bring people together in rural and urban areas.