The IBV (Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia) aims to promote people’s well-being by combining knowledge in areas such as biomechanics, ergonomics, and emotional technology and their application in various industries.

During the meeting, we had many interesting discussions and a guided tour of the IBV, and the network partners could look at the topic of well-being and movement from new perspectives of science.

Javier Gamez Paya, an expert from the European University of Valencia in the field of movement and sports sciences, supports the project from a scientific perspective as well as in the development of new technologies.

During our meeting at Brainstorm Media we got a deep insight into the current and past projects of our partner. Brainstorm provides industry-leading real-time interactive 3D graphics solutions for broadcasts, feature film production and real-time graphics presentations.

Our technicians connected the Jymmin system with an existing Brainstorm game and we were able to start a small test setting. Our partners from Kinix and Brainstorm were also able to get to know each other better via international video conferences and exchange initial ideas on the development of new forms of joy of movement.

As a result of these two days, the PowerPlay concept has been further developed and our technical partners have come into a direct exchange to work together on the technical systems.