On November 13, we had the opportunity to use the Dunlop Sports Club Gym in Chiba as an experimental field with our partners from Dunlop, Jymmin, Kinix and Innovationsmanufaktur.

The Dunlop Sports Club Gym offers its visitors a wide range of modern sports equipment, sports courses, individual advice and a golf training facility.

We jointly tested and evaluated the three motivational concepts, which should combine movement with joy.  Jymmin combines music and physical movement, Kinix uses the gamification concept for movement motivation and Innovationsmanufaktur uses existing devices in the PowerPleasure concept as equipment to play for movement motivation.  

We were able to gather new important findings for further test settings in our partner countries.

In the future, we will have the possibility to test our demonstrators again in the Dunlop Sport Center and improve the systems together with the trainers and trainees and to adapt them to the needs of the users.

Before our visit, the first research questionnaires had already been distributed in various Dunlop Sport Centers. These results are now being applied to scientific research into the motivators of each target group and are being incorporated into the development of the Go, WannaGo! concepts.

Kinix is designing a gym of the future in which sensor technology, video games, cloud gaming and machine learning are combined to generate a totally connected exercise experience.

To our great pleasure the manager of the gym chimed in with a very innovative idea: He suggested a sports karaoke. We will incorporate this idea into our future concepts