When we entered the building of the Path Out of Poverty programme (POP) Centre of Goedgedacht Trust in Estherhof, Riebeek Kasteel, students of all ages, Marguerite Holzhausen and Mietjie Cloete were already waiting for us in a circle of chairs. After the ice was quickly broken by a few games and songs we played together, the students told us about their everyday life, their wishes for the future and their knowledge about STEM.

Later at Goedgdeacht farm we were able to use the joyful encounters and wishes to define together topics that we will implement in the SINN-i network in the future:

  • Developing an E-cargo bike together with the local population and host the innovation workshop on site. Goedgedacht Trust can provide a test environment, with focus in particular on the use of E-cargo bikes for the transport and active preservation of elderly people and the transport in the rural areas.
  • Integrate Goedgedacht Trust into the STEM bike module and further develop the bike module in cooperation with students, teachers and volunteers.
  • Promote the exchange between German and South African students via digital media, for example on STEM topics in class and cultural topics in leisure time.