The meeting with our partners Kai Kunze  and Ando Ryoichi from the Super Human Society, Tom Fritz from Jymmin, Naonori Ito from Dunlop Sports, Fozzy Moritz and Franziska Krüger from Innovationsmanufaktur and our coordinator in Japan, Chikara Miyaji, served to present already existing project ideas and to integrate the project ideas and implementations of the Super Human Society.

Lecture at the session on “Impact ditorInnovation” by Ando Ryoichi at the TAFISA worldcongress 2019 in Tokyo

The Super Human Society reinvent sports by combining them with modern technology.

The new sports field is based on human augmentation technology, which complements and expands human physical capabilities and human-machine integration technology. In this way, “superhumans” acquire the ability to overcome “personal barriers” such as age, disabilities or physical differences and to compete freely with each other with the help of technology.

We developed three cooperative areas for our future cooperation in the network:

1. Development of physical exercises related to gamification.

2. Organize a Super Human Design Challenge tour with our partner ISPO.

3. Development of a sport in which people with and without restrictions can participate equally, so that a uniform sports image is created.