Move More Sheffield is a project aimed at promoting physical acivity in Sheffield, England. It has been launched in 2012 as a plan that is driven by the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, Sheffield (NCSEM) as part of the London 2012 Olympic Legacy Programme. Recently, six Priorities for Action were identified, which will be presented in this article.

The first area of action sets the focus on communities. The goal is to establish projects that specifically target communities that are bound by geography or communities that come together because they share something important, such as heritage, religion or a health-related factor.

The second area of action aims to establish physical activity in educational settings and raise awareness for the beneficial synergy between physical activity and learning. All formal education settings should provide students with the opportunity to enjoy activity in a way that supports their education, their social, emotional, and physical development and their health.

The third area of action is dedicated to embedding physical activity in health and social care. The idea is that physical activity can enable people to enjoy more years of life free from pain and disability and could help people with existing physical or mental conditions to manage their symptoms.

The fourth area of action focuses on active traveling. The ambition is for walking and cycling to be the preferred mode of travel for short journeys in and around Sheffield. To achieve this, walking and cycling are aimed to be made more convenient, more accessible and more acceptable for everyone in Sheffield.

The fifth area of action aims to have an inclusive, city-wide sport offer that enables everyone in Sheffield to experience the joy and benefit of sport. Sport brings people together, connects communities, instils important values, and inspires people.

The sixth area of action is dedicated to active environments. The ambition is that everyone in Sheffield can enjoy being active in local places and spaces regardless of their ability or location in the city. Urban as well as green spaces need to feel safe and welcoming for everyone.

These six areas of action are all interconnected, and much activity will go on across and between the areas. While remaining amenable to change, they serve as a flexible guide for focussing efforts and energy over the next five years.