SINN.International x ISPO Makeathon

We did it!

Our five-day global endeavor, our Makeathon, came to a close on Tuesday, 5th February. We wanted to create the future of sports, health, and happiness – and now we can proudly tell you how it went!

Seven different, truly international teams met online to discuss various topics, helped by our panel of experts.

The topics discussed were:

  • PowerPlay, World of TrueKraft: making strength training into a game with AR and technology
  • Music Library for Sports Gaming Purposes: establishing a framework as well as content for a music library for sports gaming purposes
  • Modularizing Input Devices: how can we facilitate the connection between exergaming devices, games and community
  • Bio-Inspired Sound Samples for Active Mobility: finding sounds that make vehicles audible that allow for active mobility 
  • Green Exercise: discussing how the health benefits of outdoor activities can be promoted/ enhanced by adding digital technologies
  • Gamification of Sport Shooting Exercises: creating appealing training methods for dry firing and strength conditioning
  • Emosport – Social Online Exercising: creating and rating exercise videos in order to explore emotions of online exercising as drivers of people’s motivation to be active

As we at Innovationsmanufaktur are all about work and play in equal measure and like to make theories practical, we also offered various social events such as for example a PowerPlay-workout led by Fozzy & Ralu, or a live listening session conducted by MJM Founder & CEO Cornelius Claudio Kreusch, streaming from Munich, Paris, Valencia, Stuttgart and New York.

All in all, the SINNi x ISPO Makeathon was a great experience and we cannot wait to show you further details. You can – among others – look forward to a new PowerPlay-video which incorporate everyday objects and gaming elements (see already existing ones here), to insights into professional shooting, and to many exciting new project ideas.

Stay tuned for a closer look at the work of the individual teams!

Thank you to all our partners, ISPO, Innovation Hub Spitzensport (Wir | Innovation im Spitzensport), MUSICJUSTMUSIC LLC, Universität Siegen, Superhuman Sports Society, Brainstorm, Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV), FORCE OF DISRUPTION GmbH, Technische Universität München, Brancheninitiative Gesundheitswirtschaft