#JoyOfMovement has been a core concern of Innovationsmanufaktur’s for a long time. Exercise should be fun; something you look forward to, not have to get done. Thus, every one would exercise more, and all people would be fitter, happier, healthier, and live longer!

In this spirit, Innovationsmanufaktur wants to revolutionize strength training: It should not be repetitive, but fun! „Traditional“ strength training can seem off-putting to many: too straining, too boring, muscles are not beautiful, … However, some amount of strength is necessary for sport and and for daily life, it is a catalyst for more quality of life, and it can be joyful, creative, experimentative, elegant, and most of all: fun!

So Innovationsmanufaktur invented PowerPlay: PowerPlay is strength training motivated by fun and experimentation.

Fozzy from Innovationsmanufaktur and his acrobatics partner Ralu filmed some suggestions what strength training combined with play can look like and to show the amazing results and effects achieved.

You can watch the video here:

  and here:

During an „ActionVernissage“, they premiered the video to a truly international audience (on- and offline), worked out together and discussed the potentials and possibilities of fun strength training.

One of the core principles of PowerPlay is experimentation: What can you do with a dumbbell besides curls or raises? How can you use a treadmill with a partner?

Logically, the next instalment of the PowerPlay series thus took part in our office:

In the video, you see Innovationsmanufaktur’s actual office and how it can be (mis)used as a gym; more yet, as a playground, offering positive energy, health and happiness. They included some of the core principles to make people play, but wanted the video to remain playful and not so much theoretical.

You can, however, listen to Fozzy and Ralu explain PowerPlay here.

Innovationsmanufaktur’s ideas for PowerPlay are far from finished, so stay tuned for updates! If you want to become a part of PowerPlay or just want to know more, please contact Fozzy: efm@innovationsmanufaktur.com