In the last days of this crazy year 2020, we had our SINNi-Christmas-Party. Via zoom, of course, but nonetheless full of laughter, personal connections, and fun. And even though we would have loved even more to meet everyone in person – who knows if everyone could have attended a physical party? SINN-i partners from all over the world met online: from Germany, Romania, England, Italy, Spain, South Africa, and Japan.

The party was festive: Francisco told a Christmas story from Valencia, and everyone chimed in with specific Christmas customs in their own countries. We also sang together, accompanied by Naoko at the piano.

It was also interesting and informative: We summed up all our success stories from the past year, talked about our projects and Martin had even prepared a STEM-related quiz for everybody.

And, last but not least, it was also great fun: Fozzy led a session of PowerPlay, during which everybody exercised together apart – with the help of hammers! And especially cool: with live music from Naoko! Ralu made a fantastic video of this which you can watch here: 

Everybody had a very good time, or as Steve Cousins, our resident clown put it: “That was the funniest video call of all 2020!”