With our bikes, from the University of Stellenbosch we visited Nicolette Booyens, Director of Stellenbosch Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development (SEED). SEED is a non-profit organisation based in Kayamandi, South Africa, which provides training and mentoring services that support and inspire small, micro-, and medium-sized enterprises to maximise their contribution to employment and economic development.  

After an exciting and intensive exchange and an individual tour in Kayamandi, a township close to Stellenbosch, we already found four main opportunities on which we can work together in the SINN-i network in the future:  

  • Development of a regular virtual exchange between the people in Kayamandi and the people in Siegen in the form of virtual public dancing sessions. This should promote cultural exchange, open a new perspective on dancing for the participants and spread common joy by moving together.  
  • Set up Cargo bikes in a project involving local people – the design, development, use and repair will take place in South Africa. This is intended to create new professional perspectives for the local population and new transport opportunities.  
  • Develop bicycle tourism in villages and townships around Stellenbosch.  The aim is to give the local people the opportunity to find work in tourism, to offer authentic tourism and to provide a direct contact between the local population and the tourists. 
  • Integrate SEED into our STEM bicycle module (you can look forward to details in our next posts 🙂 ) 

Many thanks to Nicolette for these unique insights and the openness, we look forward to working closely with SEED in the future.  

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