… at least that’s what most people think. However, we set out to prove that STEM is not boring – or it doesn’t have to be.

In our project “STEM on the move” we bring STEM topics into “the real world” in order to make them less theoretical and more fun, for example: Calculating a parable is not much fun in itself, but if you throw a ball and want to increase the throwing distance … suddenly parabolas become a concrete, real-life problem and finding a solution becomes more interesting. If you want to know more, here (https://www.sinn.international/stem-on-the-move/) is our website, but right now we have a proposition for you: You, too, can become a part of combining STEM and movement!

We want YOU to show us in a short video how STEM and movement are connected in your life/work. 


World Play day is on May 28th, and we want to use this occasion to generate more interest in STEM topics by making them concrete, fun, playful, …
If you want to take part, please join the challenge and produce and show us your video.

Send YouTube links of your videos from May 28th to June 11th to secrets@innovationsmanufaktur.com


  • Raise awareness for the “STEM on the Move” topics
  • Make it more visible/understandable what we mean by “STEM on the Move”

Video guidelines: 

  • short (1-2 min.) videos
  • “low tech” videos (no need for professional equipment or video cut – just grab a smartphone and get creative)
  • around the topic of “STEM & Movement
  • it can show people or focus on STEM & Movement
  • hashtags to use: #JoyofMovement #worldplayday #Weltspieltag #STEMonthemove #SINNi