STEM on the Move

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) can be boring for pupils and too theoretical?

For tackling this challenge, we intend to develop movement-based STEM learning modules for schools. Thereby, we want to attract the attention of young people to this important field by developing this new approach: A combination of learning, experiencing, being active, and having fun!

We develop Technology (Hardware & Software) and didactics to teach Physics, Biomechanics, Technology, and Mathematics.

The project lasts from 06/2019 until 5/2022. In the school year of 2021/2022 we’ll implement a pilot phase at a few schools in Germany, primarily in Lower Saxony and Bavaria.

The four STEM learning modules will be:
  1. “STEM by Throwing”:

    Development of throwing gadgets with embedded sensors for measuring throwing parameters (focus on throwing angle and launch velocity) and making them visible on devices like tablets, Smartphones, etc. We synchronize the recorded sensor data with videos in which the throwing student performs the task.

  2. “STEM by Swimming”:

    The development of a waterproof in-ear device interacting with further sensor systems enables direct communication with the teacher/trainer and collects/processes different physical and biological data (these include pulse, body temperature, oxygen level, blood pressure fluctuations, and breathing rate).

  3. “STEM by Cycling”:
    Development of a module teaching how to cycle and the Biomechanics and Physics aspects which go into this topic. We also aim to create an incentive to include cycling into the Curriculum of schools for better student health and sustainable mobility.

  4. “STEM School Tours to High-Performance Centers”:
    The idea is to use available technologies in sports high-performance centres and to put them into learning contexts of STEM. The involvement of top athletes will further increase the attractiveness of this approach.
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Videos from Magician Steve Cousins

Our partner Steve Cousins, a variety artist from the United Kingdom at Let’s Circus (agency for contemporary circus performers, street artists and variety entertainment with the aim to bring happiness to audiences through performances) has shared three entertaining videos with us. They invite you to try magic yourself, bring a little more …

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Project Cycling for Sustainability

Cyling is the best! You can learn physics with it (see our project “STEM on the move”), you can stay fit and active, and not least: It has enormous potential to shape a transformation towards socio-ecological sustainability. Chosing bike over car can bring enormous relief for the environment. The bicycle …

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An interview with Armin Falkenhein, honorary chairman of the ADFC Bayern – STEM on the Move

The ADFC Bayern is advising an international project that aims to teach scientific school subjects more clearly through exercise such as cycling in everyday life and in class. An interview with Armin Falkenhein, honorary chairman of the ADFC Bayern. The international education project “STEM on the move”, funded by the …

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Exciting new developments in STEM and throwing

One of the three core topics in the “STEM on the Move” project is to develop a sensor equipped throwing ball that will make STEM fun and experienceable for pupils. All the technical developments – the app development, the sensor integration in the ball and the technology transmitting the throwing …

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