On October 4th, TAFISA will be launching the World Walking Day, „the most accessible and inclusive 24-hour relay around the globe!“. Of course, we as the international Sports-Innovation-Network, with the focus of bringing more joy of movement into the world and of promoting active mobility, want to participate in this World Walking Day; especially as it has the aim to connect and stand together in defeating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is how it works: In order to take part in this global relay, you just have to do your favourite physical activity alone or with a group at 10am on October 4th at your local time, film yourself exercising and passing a paper baton from the right to the left hand side and post it on your preferred social network with the hashtag #worldwalkingday. Don’t forget to tell everybody who you are passing the baton for. This could be e.g. “On World Walking Day, I am passing the baton for all STEM students in South Africa” or “ On World Walking Day, I am passing the baton for all gamification enthusiasts” or “On World Walking Day, I am passing the baton for all elderly people dancing in the public to make our city an active city”.

Also, you have the option to raise money for a local cause in your community to promote grassroots sports.

For more information, registration and the template for the paper baton, you can download the World Walking Day Announcement [PDF] or visit http://tafisa.org/tafisa-world-walking-day.

Don’t miss the wave across every time zone in the world!
We are grateful for every single person that participates!