On Sunday, October 4th, people from all over the world joined the TAFISA World Walking Day24 Hours Around the Globe. Participants took a stand to show transnational solidarity against the COVID-19 pandemic by passing the baton across time-zones from east to west on a planet-wide relay. Dozens of thousands hailing from more than 60 countries on all continents took part and shared powerful messages of peace, access to sport and education for all, gender equality, health, and solidarity against COVID-19 among many other causes, working together to create the most inclusive and accessible 24-hour relay.

The World Walking Day started at 10am local time all around the planet, with Australia and Papua New Guinea initiating the relay in Oceania. The baton completed its world tour by moving across the USA and Canada. The TAFISA World Walking Day managed to reach every single continent, as even Antarctica joined the adventure!

Thank you to every SINN-i member that participated!
Save the date for the next edition: 3 October 2021.
Watch the video to see amazing contributions from all around the globe.