About SINN-i

The international Sports-Innovation-Network (SINN-i) is a front-running network stimulating and creating innovations in the field of healthstyle with the core focus of bringing more joy of movement into the world.

The network unites established sports companies and start-ups, technology and marketing experts, basic science and applied research institutions, inventors and platforms. Thus, the SINN-i provides for technological and scientific expertise as a basis for innovative developments. It comprises competences in the fields of sport, health, sciences, technology, materials, engineering and education.

The SINN-i emerged from the Sports-Innovation-Network (SINN) which was founded in 2010 in Munich. Since 2017, the network is internationalising, and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (funding measure “Internationalisation of German Leading-Edge Clusters, Forward-Looking Projects and Comparable Networks”).

The network consists of three projects: Active City Innovation, Go,WannGo! and STEM on the Move.

The first partner countries are Great Britain, Spain, Japan, South Africa and Germany, with further countries to be added shortly.. Today, the SINN-i consists of around 60 partners, creating and realising innovation.

Joining the SINN-i? Why?

The SINN-i is the first and only network with a global reach that explicitly deals with innovations in the areas of physical activity, sport and health. The network not only includes an amazing number of highly competent partners, representing all relevant stakeholders, but also brings together enthusiastic and passionate innovators in the field of physical activity.

    Value added for you
    • Easy and direct access to knowledge, expertise and partners for mutual learning, exchange of experiences and resources,
    • Working on projects and activities of interest to you and proposing new projects and/or new partners,
    • Joining the global innovation and mutual learning platforms,
    • Supporting the search for opportunities for financing and access to other resources,
    • Participating in all events organised by/within SINN-i for free,
    • Suggesting your own events, topics and fields of action,
    • Introduction and application of the method of Holistic Innovation as a systemic and creative methodology for creating successful innovations,
    • SINN-i management: More than 20 years of experience in innovation networks and systematic innovation work.