Active City Innovation

A continuing urbanisation, a decrease of urban green spaces and an increase of sedentary behavior. These are current developments within our societies. Thus, the main topic of this project is “How to turn cities into active cities?”. Therefore, we will be investigating how city spaces can become health and wellbeing spaces. As a result, we want to create a manual “How to make your city an active city!” and develop one practical application study in each partner country.

Go, WannaGo!

Whereas opportunities for sports and movement exist plentiful, the current offers are not attractive to all the people. “WannaGos” are those people, who would like to be physically active, but who do not find suitable offers. Therefore, in this project we want to investigate motivations and lifestyle parameters of “WannaGos” concerning physical activity and incoporating these into the development of new movement offers.

STEM on the Move

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) are boring for pupils, especially for girls? There is a lack of specialists within certain working environments and a great need of educated people? For tackling this challenge, we want to develop movement based STEM learning modules for schools. Thereby, we want to attract the attention of young people by developing this new approach: A combination of learning, experencing, being active and having fun.