STEM is boring!

… at least that’s what most people think. However, we set out to prove that STEM is not boring – or it doesn’t have to be.

In our project “STEM on the move” we bring STEM topics into “the real world” in order to make them less theoretical and more fun, for example: Calculating a parable is not much fun in itself, but if you throw a ball and want to increase the throwing distance … suddenly parabolas become a concrete, real-life problem and finding a solution becomes more interesting.

Introduction of GWG! Members

The project "Go,WannaGo!" focuses on how to make "WannaGo's" move!
Here you get the opportunity to get to know who's behind the scenes and works on this project!
Christoph, Urban, Fozzy, Cornelius and Martin are introducing themselves first! More will follow soon!

Inanda Wilderness Park during Covid-19 times

Several programmes of the Inanda Wilderness Park (initiative of Green Corridors) had to be postponed due to the South African lockdown in the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, virtual home programmes were created, aimed to ensure physical activity and mental stimulation during the quarantine period. In this programme, WhatsApp groups with the parents of creches, primary schools and high schools were created and videos with weekly age appropriate activities were sent into the groups.

How to turn cities into active cities?

A continuing urbanisation, a decrease of urban green spaces and an increase of sedentary behavior. These are current developments within our societies. Thus, the main topic of this project is “How to turn cities into active cities?”. Therefore, we will be investigating how city spaces can become health and wellbeing spaces. As a result, we want to create a manual “How to make your city an active city!” and develop one practical application study in each partner country.

The Outdoor City Sheffield

The Outdoor City Sheffield offers many opportunities to find places near home that enable joy, relaxation, coming safely together with friends, and being physically active which make these hard times for its residents a little more bearable.


Bringing more joy of movement to people!

Whereas opportunities for sports and movement exist plentiful, the current offers are not attractive to all the people. “WannaGos” are those people, who would like to be physically active, but who do not find suitable offers. Therefore, in this project we want to investigate motivations and lifestyle parameters of “WannaGos” concerning physical activity and incoporating these into the development of new movement offers.

Movement based STEM learning modules.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) are boring for pupils, especially for girls? There is a lack of specialists within certain working environments and a great need of educated people? For tackling this challenge, we want to develop movement based STEM learning modules for schools. Thereby, we want to attract the attention of young people by developing this new approach: A combination of learning, experencing, being active and having fun.

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What is ?

The international Sports-Innovation-Network (SINN-i) is a front-running network stimulating and creating innovations in the field of Healthstyle (physical activity, sports & health) with the core focus of bringing more joy of movement into the world.

The network encompasses not only an amazing array of highly competent partners representing all relevant groups of stakeholders (e.g. sports, health, sciences, technology, materials, engineering and education), but even more brings together enthusiastic and passionate innovators in the field of physical activity.

The SINN-i offers the possibility of…

…easy and direct access to partners, expertise and knowledge
…cooperating in collaboration projects with partners from all over the world and sharing resources
…benefitting from more than 20 years of experience in innovation networks and innovation work

STEM is boring!

… at least that’s what most people think. However, we set out to prove that STEM is not boring – or it doesn’t have to be. In our project “STEM on the move” we bring …

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Book Review: “The Joy of Movement”

Today we want to surprise you with an input of a slightly different kind, but about a topic that is very close to our hearts. Joy of Movement is something we have been working on …

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makeathon titelbild
Physical E-Sports Makeathon

Our five-day global endeavor, our Makeathon, came to a close on Tuesday, 5th February. We wanted to create the future of sports, health, and happiness – and now we can proudly tell you how it went!

Seven different, truly international teams met online to discuss various topics, helped by our panel of experts.

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Videos from Magician Steve Cousins

Our partner Steve Cousins, a variety artist from the United Kingdom at Let’s Circus (agency for contemporary circus performers, street artists and variety entertainment with the aim to bring happiness to audiences through performances) has shared three …

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Active City Innovation
How to turn cities into active cities?
Bringing more joy of movement to people!
STEM on the Move
Movement based STEM learning modules.

We are the front-running global innovation network, aiming at to create more healthy and happy people and an increased quality of life world-wide.


We provide for increased joy of movement by maximizing inspiration, synergies and success; we minimize bureaucracy in a cooperative approach to globalization.


We love innovation, movement, health & happiness and live it in our work.

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